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Regolith Coffee Co.,Ltd

Bolivia Agricafe 2021/22 (100g)

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be strong-willed and persevere

Coffee that breathes the spirit of the founder

Agricafe, the best producer in Bolivia. The facility is as beautiful as a resort and stands out from many small producers. How was this perfect agricafe empire built?

The founder, Don Pedro, is sincere and faithful to his clients and friends, and above all, he is open-minded and accepts new technologies and sensibilities.

About 15 years ago, Agricafe began producing specialty coffee. Don Pedro then invited the Cup of Excellence to Bolivia. With that, Bolivian coffee was opened to the world.

The company is supported by two children who respect their father. And it is also the great existence of the father who mediates between the brothers.

Agricafe values ​​long-term relationships, even if they are small, rather than increasing large business partners. In addition, we maintain quality and maintain the brand by carefully making the same products without being influenced by trends.

In 2013, when coffee in Bolivia was threatened with extinction due to rust, Agricafe once again produced high-quality coffee and made its name known to the world.

“Sustainability is will,” says his son Pedro. That kind of attitude is probably what has made Agricafe so successful. There is no doubt that Don Pedro's spirit of valuing people is alive and well.

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Variety: Caturra

Selected: Honey

Taste: Creamy. Caramel, Toffe. Syrup. Floral

Producer name: Los Rodriguez

Producing region: Samaipata

Production area: Santa Cruz

Altitude: 1650m

Grade: Grade 1

Harvest time (year): 2021


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