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Guatemala El Cerro Farm 20212/23(100g)Regular product


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El Cerro means "hill" in Spanish, and as the name suggests, it is a farm located in the mountains that tower over 3,000m. The owner Freddie once went to the United States in search of a job, but he was blessed with a chance to get farmland and started growing coffee seven years ago.
The previous landlord had cut down the forest, and the land was in a desolate state at the start. . Freddie's strong desire to restore nature as it was impressed Carlos, the representative, and GOOD COFFEE FARMS
from 2020.

The characteristic of the farm is that in addition to Pache, an indigenous variety, Catimor, which is highly resistant to rust, is cultivated.

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Production area: New Oriente, Collis, Xalapa

Producer: Freddie Cordero

Altitude: 1,950-2,060m

Varieties: 50% Patche, 50% Cattimor

Harvest method: hand pick

taste; Blueberry, Chocolate, Wine, Honey, Almond

Choice: Dry Washed with Semi- Anaerobic Fermentation

Fermentation time: 17-22 hours before threshing → After threshing (in tank): 20-23 hours

Dry average period: 37 days


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