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Regolith Coffee Co.,Ltd

Kenya Rockbern 2021/22 (100g)


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English tea , Floral , whiskey.grape.maplsiroop.apricot-like flavor and solid bitterness, gentle sweetness and long aftertaste. Full-bodied with a soft, subtle acidity. It's a dark roast, but it's easy to drink.

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Varieties: SL28. SL34. Batian
Selected Washed
Taste: Grapefruit, Plum, Acerola. Orange. Black tea, Brownsugar
Producer Name: Iriani Coop
Producing region Nyeri
Production area: Nyeri
Elevation: 1760m Grade: AA

After studying accounting at university and working at a consulting firm, Peter founded Rockburn in 2012. It was also the beginning of the road to fulfilling the promise I made with my grandfather who was a coffee grower when I left the village to “transform the Kenyan coffee industry”.

Coffee production in Kenya continues to decline. The cause is not just climate change, but multinational corporations and the social structures they create. Multinational corporations profit greatly from opaque inequity to producers, producer motivation is low, and young people leave their villages in search of other jobs.
Peter's “revolution” is to change this social structure through a direct business model that connects roasters and producers. He says it's the people that count, and he continues to share his thoughts with business associates, producers and roasters.
Reform is hard work, but we won't stop. This is because their motivation is to change society, not profit. And it is supported by the three pillars of life: faith in God, relationships with family and others, and one's own health.
"Coffee is a drink that brings happiness and brings people together." Peter believes in the beauty of coffee and thinks about the happiness of everyone involved in the supply chain.
His faith will make him stronger, and he will transform Kenyan coffee.


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