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Regolith Coffee Co.,Ltd

Papua New Guinea WR.CARPENTER&CO.,EATATES.SIGRI FARM 2022/23(100g)


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As a commitment to quality, fully ripe cherries are hand-picked, and the cherries harvested on the same day are put in a pulper, washed and fermented for 4 days (usually 3 days) at a washing factory owned by Carpenters, and then 10 days. The beans are sun-dried on a table and then hand-sorted twice in the sorting process, resulting in dark green, uniform beans that are exported not only to Japan but also to Europe and the United States. Good balance, roasted almonds, dark chocolate-like flavors, and a faint acidity create sharpness, and the body is medium. It is characterized by its rich body, aroma, and sweet aftertaste.

Selection: Washed Elevation: 1,600m Standard: AA screen 18UP Varieties: Mainly Typica and Bourbon


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