OWNER: Hisashi Asai

Born in Nobeoka in 1979. Hobbies include hot springs, saunas, and mountain road driving.

JCQA Certified Coffee Instructor Level 2
SCAJ Advanced Coffee Meister Certification SCAJ Coffee Meister Certification Member of Japan Specialty Coffee Association
CQI Q Arabica Grader Certified

The reason I entered the coffee industry was that I became the opening staff for "Tully's Coffee" in Nobeoka Aeon. It was there that I first encountered “Specialty Coffee” and became able to drink delicious coffee.

Before long, I was assigned to Fukuoka, and as I visited various shops and learned about roasting, I came to know the depth of roasting and wanted to become a roaster.

After that, I knocked on the door of "Mamekoto Coffee" in Onojo City, Fukuoka Prefecture, and while working part-time, I learned more about the basics of coffee, and learned roasting on my own.