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Cold brew coffee bag 2023 (4 pieces) COLD BREW COFFEE

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2023 water coffee has been able to choose the degree of roasting! !

Cold brew coffee is also easy to drink because it is low-temperature extraction that makes it difficult to release caffeine and tannin (mainly bitterness components).

Also, if you take a lot of caffeine in the summer, the awakening effect of caffeine will wake you up for a while, relieve pain, and recover from fatigue, but when it is broken down in the liver, it will be a heavy burden. If you drink coffee when your body is tired in the summer, it is also the cause of laziness later on.

Cold brew coffee is a big advantage that you can drink the usual delicious coffee with less caffeine.

The disadvantage is that it takes a long time to extract, so it is better to prepare it before you go to bed on the night before you want to drink it so that it will be ready the next morning.

Customers choose the degree of roasting, and the store will select the most suitable product for cold brewing from among the roasting degrees and ship it.

If you would like the same brand as a repeat item, please let us know in the comments section and we will send the item to you.

Go ahead and get through this hot weather with your favorite cold brew coffee! !


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