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Regolith Coffee Co.,Ltd

Home roasted drip bag coffee Mild roast Blend 5 pieces set

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REGOLITH COFFEE's home-roasted coffee Mild roast Blend is a drip bag.
You can enjoy delicious coffee with just one mug without any special tools.
Since it is filled with nitrogen gas, it does not spoil the flavor, and since it contains 10g of beans, you can fully enjoy the taste of coffee.
There are two types of packages, but both coffees are Mil roast Blend. [Mild roast Blend/Brazil/Panama/Costa Rica/Medium roast] Roasted nuts, honey, sweet scent of maple syrup, light and refreshing body. The compatibility with shortcake and butter rusk is the best. This Mild is blended with a slightly gorgeous image. Enjoy the refreshing acidity and clean aftertaste.


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