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Rwanda Vunga CWS FW 19/20 (100g)

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Cup comment: Flavor and taste like Dark Chocolate, Whiskey, Citrus, Orenge, Hojicha. The acidity is subtle due to the advanced roasting, and the aftertaste is silky and sweet. The body is light body.

・Area: Nyabihu District, Western Prefecture

・Altitude: 1,650m ~ 2,000m

・Refining: Fully Washed

・Variety: Bourbon

crop : 19/20

・Grade: A1


Bunga CWS is located in Nyabihu District in northwestern Rwanda. Founded in March 2009 , it is run by a women-led cooperative of 260 members. Nyabihu County is blessed with steep hills, valleys covered with deep fog, and an altitude of 2,000m , and has a terroir that sets it apart from other areas. In addition, the environment is very suitable for coffee production, such as being near the Virunga National Park, which is a natural water source and volcanic group. The Bunga CWS is relatively small in terms of yield and scale among CWSs, and is hidden behind thousands of banana trees .
In the Cup of Excellence , he boasts brilliant achievements of 13th place in 2012 and 4th place in 2014 . However, despite its inherently high potential, there were many areas for improvement in terms of infrastructure, such as work efficiency and facilities. In fact, before 2017 , there were no fermentation pools and washing canals, so parchment was refined by hand using tanks. However, in 2017 , we signed a new partnership with an exporter and introduced washing facilities such as the pool and canal mentioned above, further improving the cup quality.

Coffee cherries brought into Process CWS are first weighed and placed in floating tanks to separate unripe cherries (floaters) and ripe cherries (sinkers). After that, it is graded in 4 stages through dry fermentation in the pool for an average of 12 hours and gravity sorting in the canal. The parchment is then transferred to a drying table and dried in the sun. Staff stir the parchment every 30 minutes to ensure even drying. Cover the parchment with vinyl to protect it on rainy days and during the hottest hours of the day. prevent. When the parchment has a moisture content of 12.8 %, it is bagged and stored in a warehouse.

Initiatives with farmers

Bunga CWS works continuously to support and improve farmers' production.
Ensure that all farmers and their families are covered by health insurance Farmers with low cash income find it difficult to obtain health insurance .Thorough acceptance of cherries and feedback sheets In order to encourage farmers to bring in ripe cherries instead of immature cherries, we evaluate and give feedback to each farmer on what kind of cherries they brought. While some CWS only accepts ripe cherries and does not buy immature cherries, all cherries brought in to build a sustainable relationship will be purchased at a price above the minimum purchase price set by the government.・Free distribution of coffee seedlings to farmers Through these efforts, we operate CWS while emphasizing relationships with local farmers and communities.


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