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Regolith Coffee Co.,Ltd

El Salvador 12 of small producers (100g)

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I feel the flavor and sourness like Peach, Melon, Oreange, Candy.
The body is medium and has a rich texture and aroma, and the moment the hot water touches the coffee grounds, the gorgeous aroma and sweet aroma spread.
Even when it's cold, it's clean and you can feel the high quality.


Created in an open-minded and peaceful community, Coffee Cafe Nord is a new workshop dedicated to specialty coffee near Santa Ana, El Salvador.

The leader is Alessandro, who was born and raised on a local coffee farm that has been in business for four generations. After leaving my hometown and working for a coffee export company for five years, I came into contact with the forefront of specialty coffee, and was convinced that this was the way to make the local people happy.

Here, small lots are classified by quality and sold as group lots that can trace all producers and product information.

As a result, some producers say that the selling price has increased tenfold. It is immeasurable how much positive impact it has on the local people, both mentally and economically.

Everyone understands that in the community that Alessandro describes as being in the same boat, you can't be the only one to get rich. This creates mutual help and healthy competition, creating a virtuous circle for coffee production.

An open-minded, peaceful community united by trust and gratitude creates this coffee.

Producer name 12 of small producers

Producing region Metapan, Chalatenango

Production area Metapan, Chalatenango

Elevation 1,450〜1,650m

Farm area 2-6ha

Grade AAA

Package GrainPro


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