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Ethiopia Oromia Washed (100g)Regular product

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The Ethiopian coffee industry is in a period of great change, with an emerging younger generation beginning to emerge. One of them is Nardos Coffee Vinyam.

Nardos Coffee is a long-established coffee company that started with Binyam's great-grandfather.

Its coffee is characterized by its high quality, beautifully prepared through many years of experience and meticulous planning. "We only build washing stations at altitudes of 2,000m or more, and to prevent the coffee from drying out too much, let the harvested coffee cool down a bit before transporting it to the warehouse." I am raising it.

With all my family and relatives being coffee growers, it was a natural choice for Binyam to be involved in coffee. After studying in the United States for the purpose of acquiring English and building relationships with customers, I was appointed as manager of Nardos Coffee after experiencing various operations such as on-site, management, and export.

Vinyam is currently 28 years old. As his father said, ``If you are involved in coffee, you won't be able to get out of it,'' his love for coffee has deepened, and he seems to have developed a kind of addiction, where he becomes addicted to coffee.

In 2018, he founded his own company. The purpose is to expand the business in the future to provide everything that residents living in rural areas need, such as water supply and road maintenance. "In the end, I want my business to be successful in order to change Ethiopia into a better country."

His life, which has been accompanied by coffee, is connecting with the world through coffee and trying to change the future of the region.

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Variety: Heirloom

Selected: Washed

Taste : Peach, Citrus, Yogurt, Honey

Producer name: lriani Coop

Producing region: Oromia

Production area: East Guji zone

Altitude : 1980 m


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