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Indonesia Mandheling Tobako G1 20/21 (100g)

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Flavors such as butter, good soil, mango, dark chocolate, bitterness and acidity are almost nonexistent and spicy. It has a firm body and a long aftertaste.

Selected: Sumatran style Area: Around Lake Toba, Linton, Sumatra Altitude: 1,400m to 1,600m

Varieties: Typica, etc. Hand-picked, sun-dried

Soil: fertile volcanic soil rich in organic matter

 The Toba Plateau and its surroundings have long been known for their fertility, and the area is still an active volcanic area. 

The Toba Plateau refers to the area around Lake Toba, and the fertility of the land in this area is closely related to the eruption of Mt. According to researchers, this eruption was so big that it blew away part of the volcano of Mt. TOBA, and when it fell, it blocked the crater. The rock that blocked the mouth is now known as Samosir Island. 

After that, water gradually accumulated in the vast valley that was formed between the part that was blown away and the rock that blocked the crater, and that is what is now Lake Toba. , There is a scenic town of Prapat on the east bank. 

In recent years, Arabica coffee trees have been planted on the TOBA plateau, and it is now a major production area for mandolin. 

This area is suitable for coffee cultivation, and the coffee here is prized for its excellent taste and richness.

 Mandelin Tobaco takes its name from Lake Toba


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